Recruitment proces for Applicants

Step 1: Filling of Application Form:

Applicants need to submit all necessary documents in support for the position he/she is applying for.

Step 2: Evaluation / Examination

Galaxy Universal carefully evaluate submission forms with CVs, Passports, Educational  Certificates, Experience Certificates  & other documents needed .

Step 3: Interview 

Our highly capable recruitment officers interview every applicant and then select qualified applicants who are suitable for our client’s project this includes actual trade testing specific to their skills if necessary.

Step 4: Medical Examination  

Applicants go through extensive medical examinations conducted by or medical centers accredited by the DOL Nepal, GAMCA to know whether they are fit to work or not.

Step 5: Documentation   

We organize, compile and submit all the documents require for the applicant’s departure, working document and other necessary documents.

Step 6: PDOS Seminar

We send qualified applicants to PDOS to have a pre-departure orientation seminar.

Step 7: Departure

We process everything needed for our qualified applicants to be sent to their designated working sites as soon as possible